Month: October 2013


Seattle Stars FC  spreading  the word about breast cancer awareness.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.



Alex Kajumulo

As the coach of the Seattle Stars, I think that the EPLWA is a very good league for the state of Washington because we are able to offer a place for local high level players to showcase their talent in a way that allows them to continue working. Because the league does not involve extensive travel and financial burden for the players, they are able to commit fully to playing while continuing to support themselves and their families and pursue other careers.

I can’t see myself supporting the new league that involves traveling outside of the state. I think we would lose quality players and coaches who have other commitments that they cannot (or do not want to) abandon. This new league would still be accessible to college players who can afford to take the summer off, but it would not be helping to provide good soccer playing opportunities for other members of the community who work to support their families.

I’ve been involved in the soccer community here since 1996, and I have seen many great players give up soccer because playing involved too much sacrifice. I am going to commit to support fully the EPLWA and the model that involves local and regional tournaments that allow all players in different types of circumstances to be involved. The model of EPLWA should be copied in every state.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

We’ll be announcing dates for tryouts soon for the Seattle Stars.


“I wrote about EPL today. So many of you are inboxing me about the league. What I am trying to say is that the other leagues are trying to start leagues besides EPL-
This is not going to work. There is not any team that can pay there players professional wages-
Even the Seatte Sounders struggle to give there players competitive wages. There are 2
teams in Washington that play PDL & even they
struggle for money too. Most players who play PDL are college players who simply play to stay in shape& go back to play for the colleges. EPL is the only league that can help players that work other jobs and still want to pursue a professional career”

Alex Kajumulo

Seattle Stars FC Head Coach