TRUTHS about children and sports
  • Fun is pivotal – if it’s not fun, young people won’t play a sport
  • Skill development is a crucial aspect of fun – it is more important than winning even among the best athletes
  • The most rewarding challenges of sports are those that lead to self-knowledge
  • Intrinsic rewards (self-knowledge that grows out of self-competition) are more important in creating lifetime athletes than extrinsic rewards are (victory or attention from others)1
During childhood allow the kids to have a good time playing the game while instilling the passion to love playing soccer on their own. Only a passion for the game can lead to success.
“Success is something players take ownership of and in time it becomes personally meaningful. Success is a process, not a product. The process of doing one’s best is the key to success. The determining criterion of success is whether a player gave his or her best that day. Doing one’s best is the most important statement a player can make about the importance of an activity and the meaning it has. With years of experience comes self-knowledge and self-awareness. So players learn over time what it means to do your best, to give 100%.”2
“Winning isn’t everything, but trying to is!” – Rainer Martens, sports psychologist

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