A new era has begun for Seattle Stars FC Men’s soccer team making its debut against Rairdon.com  on September 28th.

Training began for the fresh team on early September.  Head coach Juan Sandoval, who previously coached Amateur team Mexico at the All nations cup tournament this past summer, is optimistic about the team’s first season.

The total roster will  show a total number of 25 men. The team will play at the Starfire WSSA International Premier Soccer League.

The season will see the team take the pitch against local opponents. The Seattle Stars FC  men’s soccer team is  scheduled to play  matches at starfire sports complex field #3 in tukwila WA.  The regular season kicked off on September 28th when the Seattle Stars FC  Lost to Rairdon.com with the score 3-5 at Starfire Sports Complex.    Next schedule game for the team is on Friday October 5th at Starfire Sports Complex field #3 at 7pm. Come and support your local club

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